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Helping B2B companies generate, nurture and win the work they should be winning

We are about growth.

We work with B2B SME’s and SMB’s to create measurable marketing systems to help reach their business goalsin a time where 96% of businesses start their search for services online.

We’re a ‘numbers’ business. Whether your goals are based on sales and revenue, brand awareness, more leads, better leads, client engagement, client retention or reduced cost of client acquisition, we start by finding out where you are now and where you aspire to be. We dive in deep to understand your business and your market and we’re completely at home with complex businesses operating in difficult industries.

We are enthusiastic advocates of inbound marketing and a partner agency with the world’s largest inbound platform provider, Hubspot. We are the only Hubspot Gold Certified Partner Agency in Western Australia.

But we didn’t start out life like this. For almost 20 years we focused on marketing strategy. Our decision to expand to a digital marketing agency was driven by our clear purpose to help businesses grow. In a digital world where hesitating too long means getting left behind, we recognised it wasn’t enough anymore to help our clients devise great strategies. We also needed to be there to turn great strategy into measurable action. We employ a full-funnel approach – lead generation, nurturing and sales enablement – to help businesses meet their growth goals. We understand you need measurable ROI. There is nowhere to hide with measurable marketing, and that’s just the way we like it.

We have a team of dedicated digital marketing specialists powered by HubSpot with expertise spanning digital strategy, web design and development, digital copywriting, direct marketing, social media advertising and inbound marketing.

We work as your outsourced marketing team giving you access to a full marketing team and all our resources. We can work with your own internal marketing staff to supercharge their efforts, or in place of a marketing team if you don’t have one.

We are dedicated to helping you reach your business goals.  That’s why we are a growth agency, not just a digital agency.

We help B2B companies attract, nurture and win the right B2B buyers from click-to-sale.

Family Business and Family Values

Shane and Sarah Davies have been working together as Davies BDM for over 10 years, first as a dedicated strategic marketing consultancy and now as an inbound marketing agency and Gold Tiered Hubspot Partner Agency based in Perth, Western Australia.

We’re proud to call ourselves a family business that is run on family values with a commitment to honesty, integrity, collaboration and respect for our great team and clients.

Family Owned

Our Values


We take our work, your work, seriously and we work hard, but fun is always a necessary ingredient in getting the work done. Humour and creating a fun environment where everyone has a voice and the freedom to be themselves is important to us.


We’re building a culture of continual learning and improvement. Digital marketing and inbound marketing evolves like no other industry. To stay ahead of the game as a team we continue to learn, innovate and implement at a rate of knots.


We’re big on collaboration, ask anyone. When things are moving quickly, two (or more) heads are better than one. We work with each other and our clients to get different perspectives and ideas so we can find the best outcomes.


We encourage different ideas and viewpoints and accept they don’t always align. Respect is the essential ingredient to ensure everyone feels free to contribute and valued as a team member.

Our Team

Shane Davies

Shane Davies

Managing Director

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Sarah Davies

Sarah Davies

Head of Content

Jay Jung Smith

Jay Jung Smith

Senior Digital Producer

Stephanie Collinson

Stephanie Collinson

Inbound Marketing Manager

Kerryn Musson

Kerryn Musson

Junior Inbound Account Manager

Tin Evangelista

Tin Evangelista

Social Media Specialist

Shane Davies

After being unearthed on radio station JJJ in Australia in 1993, Shane was destined for rock stardom…until he realised he wasn’t.

A career marketer with a focus on marketing and digital strategy Shane began what is now Davies BDM in Sydney in 1998 before moving back to his hometown of Perth.

Shane is focused on helping B2B businesses grow by leveraging digital marketing. He leads the Davies BDM team to create inbound marketing campaigns that help achieve defined business goals. Shane has a strong interest in complex B2B industries including business and professional services, healthcare and human services as well as industrial and manufacturing industries. The more complicated the better.

Throughout his career, Shane has worked with leading brands including Rebel Sport, Ipac Securities, Family Business Australia, the National Bank, Bankwest, Avivo, REIWA, Landgate and the Small Business Development Corporation of Western Australia.

Shane is Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute and a state committee member for Family Business Australia. He is an acclaimed speaker on topics as diverse as digital marketing, customer insight and digital buyer behaviour.

Shane is a keen cyclist and also enjoys running, sailing and spending time with his family on Perth’s coast.

At this point we’re just going to come out and say it.

We’d be good for each other.

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