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Create a B2B sales & marketing process to match how your buyers buy.

What is B2B Marketing?

Our B2B marketing is a full funnel measurable marketing approach. It matches your marketing to the ‘Google First’ way your buyers find and assess you and your competitors.

Modern business marketing is focused on attracting customers by providing relevant and helpful content by adding value at every stage of your customer’s buying journey.

Potential customers find you through channels including Ads blogs, search engines and business social media like Linkedin.


Attract visitors to your website

You need the right people to visit your website, become leads and ultimately happy customers. But, how do you get the right people to your site?

Optimise your website using SEO so it’s found when your prospects google products and services like yours. Define your buyer personas, their goals and their soft spots so you can work out how to help them. Then produce targeted content to engage prospects and attract them to your website through blogs, social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and other paid media channels.

inbound marketing funnel attract
inbound marketing funnel nurture

Nurture website visitors into leads

Once you’ve attracted the right website visitors, the next step is to convert these visitors into leads.

Give your visitors a reason to stay on your website once they’ve found it. Make sure your website ‘makes sense’ to your prospects and provides helpful content so they can build trust in you. Your website also needs to have opportunities for your prospects to interact with you via call-to-actions, forms and landing pages in return for their contact info.


Nurture leads until they’re ready to talk to your sales team

You’ve attracted the right visitors and leads, but now you need to transform these leads into customers.

Use marketing automation to nurture your leads through a sales funnel by providing them with relevant information at optimal times based on their expressed interest. Sending the right information and content nurtures leads before they’re ready to talk with a salesperson, increasing their knowledge and encouraging them to take a next step towards becoming a customer.

Then, analyse and measure your marketing efforts to work out where your best leads are coming from and use this information to feed back into your marketing to ensure you get maximum return on your investment and allow you to close leads more efficiently.

inbound marketing funnel close

On average, 60% of your prospect’s buying decision is already complete before they speak to a salesperson.

What does this mean for your business? It means you need to recalibrate your sales and marketing approach to match how your buyers buy.

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