B2B Marketing Management

Outsource your marketing management to Davies BDM and let’s grow your business together.

Thinking about outsourced marketing management? We can do it.

Does it feel like your in-house marketing team could be performing better? Are you struggling to get marketing initiatives implemented? Are you not getting the ROI on marketing efforts you expected?

Outsource your marketing management to Davies BDM. We’ll plan, manage, measure and optimise marketing campaigns and activities designed to grow your brand, generate leads and support your sales teams to turn leads into customers.

Why choose Davies BDM for outsourced B2B marketing management?

Business marketing isn’t like selling sunglasses or icecreams. The B2B buying process is often complex and buyers are sophisticated. Your marketing needs to match.

We know B2B marketing. We’re a marketing agency built to deliver B2B digital marketing and lead generation services that work.

Our marketing team can take over your marketing, put campaigns into play, report on success and manage your marketing ROI so you know where every dollar is going and why it’s being spent.

What are the benefits of outsourced marketing management?

As an alternative to employing a marketing manager and engaging an agency, retaining a single outsourced marketing solution gives you access to a team of specialist marketers without the overheads and headaches that come with employing your own in-house marketing staff. The immediate benefits to your business go way beyond:

Save time

We’ve developed our in-house marketing team of experts and a system to deliver you better results faster.

Save money

Outsourced marketing management is a hybrid model that is typically 25-30% cheaper than hiring a full-time marketing manager and a marketing agency to execute marketing activities.

Track your marketing ROI

We practice modern measurable marketing focused on delivering results. We report on your marketing investment and track traffic, leads and revenue attributed to interaction with your marketing activities.

Leverage our expertise

It’s unlikely your in-house marketing manager will be able to execute all marketing by themselves, this takes a team of specialists in different areas. We offer a team for less than the cost of a full time marketing manager. And we partner with you to get the best outcome.

Your sales team can focus on selling

We help you generate leads so your sales team can focus on converting them into sales.

We make your life easy

Our account manager provides a single point of day to day contact and easy to access online marketing reports & analytics. We take care of your marketing while you focus on running your business.

We’ve got the B2B experience, people and systems to get your marketing making sense.

For more than 20 years we’ve managed marketing activities for companies in industries including manufacturing and industrial services, healthcare, finance, technology, business and professional services.

Typically, these companies decided on digital marketing outsourcing because they weren’t satisfied their marketing investment was working well enough or they just didn’t have time to manage the marketing their business needed.

Are you a good fit for B2B outsourced marketing management?

We’d like to say everybody is a good fit, but in our experience we work best with companies who know where they want to get to and need expert marketing help to get there. Typically, our successful partnerships are with clients who:

Have aggressive growth goals whose strategy includes attracting prospects nationally or in international markets.

Employ a sales team that needs leads but isn’t generating enough by itself.

Have a
defined marketing budget or understand they need to invest in marketing to reach their sales and growth goals.

Are willing to
commit to a structured marketing plan for at least 12 months.

Have a junior marketer manager on staff that needs the support of an experienced team.

Have hired marketing managers or agencies that didn’t work out or didn’t deliver the ROI they were expecting.

Have a marketing budgeting but are not seeing a return on investment or don’t have a defined plan that is linked to their business goals.


Outsourced marketing agreements are for one year, but you can get out at any time with 3 months’ notice.

We can commence work on your marketing strategy as soon as one to two weeks after engagement. So no time at all.

The time it will take to see results depends on two things 1) your current marketing strategy, content and digital marketing performance and 2) the level of activity you engage us to undertake. You can expect to see initial results within the first 3-6 months, with more significant growth between 6-12 months.

For faster results you can add on paid advertising (PPC & social) as part of your marketing strategy to boost your content reach and results. This can be for an initial campaign or for a longer time period.

For one simple price we develop a marketing solution comprising everything you need to grow your business, including: blogging, email marketing, content creation, landing pages, email marketing, SEO, website optimisation, social media management, lead nurturing, strategy, monthly reporting and more.

By bringing all of these together, you will achieve more while paying less.

Ready to get your marketing working?

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