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Attract more B2B customers with a Google Ads solution from Davies BDM, your local Google Partner in Perth.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is one of the quickest ways to generate leads online. Google is the first place prospective buyers go for information about products and services. Davies BDM puts your business at the top of the results list, so you’re always front of mind when prospective buyers are ready to purchase.

If you’re not already using Google AdWords in your online marketing, it can be a huge value-add to boost your brand awareness and attract new customers. A detailed, fully managed Google Ads strategy from our in-house team in Perth gives your business the exposure needed to generate new leads and grow your customer list.

B2B Google Ads Management

Google Search Ads

With over 3.5 billion searches every day and a market share of over 75% Google is the world’s most popular search engine. Your prospective buyers use Google search to find information and vendors for products and services like yours. So, it’s critical your business is seen when people are using high commercial intent keywords.

Search ads are text based ads displayed on Google results pages and on the search partner network (group of search-related websites). They’re triggered by the keywords people use when they’re searching.

Davies BDM is Google Search Ads management expert in Perth with over 20 years of experience. Our strategic, data-driven approach to PPC advertising catapults your business to the first page of Google results for high value search terms. So when those prospective customers are ready to buy, you’ll be there to capture them before others do.

Google Display Ads

The Google Display Network has over 2 million trusted partner sites with the ability to reach over 90% of people on the internet. With this potential reach, display ads can really help boost brand awareness.

Davies BDM has years of experience in Google Display advertising and can help you achieve the best results from the platform. From crafting the right creative for the network to advanced A/B testing and ad placement, we ensure your adverts are optimised to get results.

With optimisations available for keywords, topics, demographics, interests and more, our in-house specialists will give you the greatest chance to secure conversions.

Google Ads – Remarketing

Google Remarketing allows you to reconnect with anyone who has previously visited your website or interacted with your business online by showing your ads to them as they move around the web. It’s a relatively low cost and useful digital marketing tool to build brand awareness and encourage previous visitors to come back to your website.

With remarketing, you can:

  • Attract visitors back to your website
  • Reach customers most likely to re-purchase
  • Use special offers to convert fence-sitters
  • Upsell and cross-sell customers

Generate B2B Leads with Google Ads

AdWords allows you to track every email, phone call and sign-up to your business with complete end-to-end transparency.

The AdWords Perth team at Davies BDM measures, tracks and reports on every click, providing detailed analysis and recommendations to enhance and fine-tune your lead generation. We use ongoing conversation rate optimisation to reduce unnecessary ad spend and increase results effectively.

Davies BDM works closely with clients to help them achieve their pay per click marketing goals and get the leads they need.

Why use Google Ads for B2B?

SEO takes time. Google Ads place your business name at the top of search engine results now, so you can start getting results sooner

Get your business seen in search results by prospective buyers who are ready to purchase

Increase your brand awareness and digital presence

Measure results with powerful, real-time metrics

Target search keywords related to your industry and business

Advanced segmentation allows you to engage the right prospects at the right time, with targeted messaging to increase the chances of a conversion

Highly transparent and measurable ROI

Davies BDM is an adwords management Perth expert from start to finish, including strategy, design, set-up, implementation, management, optimisation and reporting.


Davies BDM is a Perth based agency providing AdWords management nationally. We proudly operate 100% in-house in our Perth office with a specialist team that looks after each of our clients. We do not use external suppliers.

This means you always get the highest quality of AdWord management service, strategy, and advice, with a direct line to your management agency team when you need it.

The cost to set up Google Ads for your business depends on what you already have running. Cost also varies depending on industry and strategy but it is usually around $2000 to set up a standard campaign from scratch. This includes keyword and competitor research, set up of 3 campaigns, 9 ad groups, 18 ads and conversion tracking implementation (ad strategy, ongoing ad optimisation, refinement, reporting and ad spend are additional costs).

Our Perth AdWords management experts will evaluate the optimum budget for your campaign, based on your strategic business goals and KPIs.

We’ve been running Google AdWords management for a while now, Here’s our 8-step process for developing successful campaigns:

1. Initial client consultation and strategy meeting
2. Identification of suitable Website landing pages
3. Keyword research
4. Campaign development
5. Ad copywriting
6. Conversion tracking
7. Ongoing Google Ads optimisation
8. Reporting & analytics

Essentially, yes.

In mid-2018 Google AdWords was rebranded to Google Ads. The name change away from AdWords represents the full range of digital campaign types, including Search, Display and Video.

When AdWords launched with relatively few advertisers back in 2000, it was used for running pay per click text-based ads for desktop search only. The name ‘AdWords’ represented word-only digital advertising.

20 years later, Google AdWords has evolved into a multi-format platform with millions of advertisers. The switch away from AdWords was designed to change any perception that this was just ‘text-based’ advertising. AdWords was just one format, but the full offering now covers a much wider range.

SEO is a medium term game that involves keyword research, website updating and refinement and creation of online content. The goal is to bring you more organic search and referral traffic, which you don’t pay for per click.

SEO is a critical part of online visibility, however it also takes time to build results organically. Google AdWords management can help in the meantime.

AdWords management is a fast way of bringing in targeted paid traffic to your website. It’s quick to set-up, faster than SEO for new traffic, easy to measure and report and easy to edit and optimise a strategy for success.

Our core purpose as a B2B digital marketing agency is to turn great strategy into measurable action with a full-funnel approach – lead generation, nurturing and converting – to help businesses achieve and exceed their marketing goals.

As a management agency, we understand you need measurable ROI to run a successful business. With AdWords, there’s nowhere to hide. That’s just the way we like it.

Davies BDM in Perth has proven success helping clients with Google Ads management. We look forward to being a part of your digital marketing success.

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