B2B Marketing Strategy

Shorten your odds | Plan for success | Outplay your competitors

You can’t afford to be shooting in the dark.

Success doesn’t happen by accident. Success starts with a sound strategy. Your marketing strategy is your plan for winning based on the answers to three fundamental questions –  when, where, and how your business will compete to win the work you should be winning.

Marketing strategy is your critical first step to define how you’ll be different in a way that matters, how you’ll position against your competition, the services you’ll offer and the markets you’ll play in to generate revenue and achieve your growth goals.


Define your purpose

  • Why does your organisation exist (its reason for being)?
  • What’s its purpose?
  • If your organisation wasn’t here would it matter?
  • What are its aspirations?
  • What are your organisation’s values? 

Positioning to Win

  • How can you beat your competitors?
  • How are you different in a way that matters?
  • How will you differentiate in a crowded market?
  • Do you look like you should online?
  • Is your brand message clear?

Define and match services, markets and buyers

  • Have you defined your offer of value?
  • Do you really know your buyer personas?
  • Have you mapped their buying journey?
  • Do you understand what they want?
  • Are your services clearly defined?
  • Are your markets clearly defined?
  • Is it easy to buy from you?
  • Do you look different from your competitors?

Plan your inbound marketing gameplan

  • Have you created a marketing game plan for getting found by your prospects?
  • Have you established your marketing budget?
  • How will you generate traffic?
  • How will you generate leads?
  • Have you created a content strategy to nurture leads?
  • Have you aligned your sales and marketing teams?
  • Does your website allow your prospects to start a relationship with your organisation before they’re ready to buy?

Why choose Davies BDM to help with my marketing strategy?

  • Proven success in helping B2B clients for over 20 years
  • A process to really understand your business before we start
  • Strategy-led and results driven
  • Growth focused
  • Pragmatic approach
  • A proven, measurable marketing system
  • Experts in B2B digital marketing

As Perth specialists in B2B marketing strategy, we develop and implement marketing strategies designed for both quick wins and to build long-term success (not short-term hype).



Westminster National Finance Brokers needed to grow leads and get a measurable return from its marketing investment. Davies BDM worked with Westminster’s management team to first define the company’s ‘Making Finance Simple’ brand positioning. We built a lead generation system to awaken the client database and grow new leads.

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