Social Media Strategy

Build trust online.

Stand out, cut through, engage and deliver leads with B2B social media marketing.

Love it or loathe it, social media is now where your customers live. Progressive B2Bs are embracing social selling as an effective way to build trust, nurture relationships and deliver leads.

  • Drive increased inbound traffic to your website
  • Increase your profile through thought leadership
  • Create strategic connections with influencers and key stakeholders

Davies BDM is your B2B social media agency based in Perth, WA. We work with our clients to ensure their social media strategy helps achieve their marketing goals.

Social Media is a critical part of every B2B company’s marketing strategy. If you’re not sure if you should be using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram, don’t worry we will help you create an expert social strategy to increase brand awareness, grow traffic, generate leads or show off your achievements – all depending on what you want to achieve.

To nail your goals your social media activity needs to make sense for your organisation. So, to work out the best strategy for you we start by understanding your marketing objectives. We get to know you, your company, your customers and your competitors. Then, our expert team works with you to set clear goals and targets and develop the right social strategy to meet these goals. We also work with you to identify the right social media platforms for your company and to decide the right content to reach and connect with your prospects.

So, no matter if you’re targeting Perth, Australia or the world market, Davies BDM will help make social media work for you.

If you’re not social, you’re missing opportunities every minute of every day.

Social media is a valuable part of your comprehensive digital marketing efforts, expanding your horizons and opening up another channel of communication with your customers.


Why should I choose Davies BDM as my social media agency in Perth?

  • We research the most appropriate social media channels for your business
  • We create content and a plan for how, where, and when to publish it
  • We train your sales team on the importance of social media and how they can get on board
  • We help you measure and analyse your social media marketing

We work with B2Bs to understand where their customers will be on social media and how best to reach them. We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach, our social media strategy is based on unique insights carefully considered in the context of your competitive landscape and your marketing objectives.

To discover how Davies BDM can help your business go to the next level in social media, contact us today!

At this point we’re just going to come out and say it.

We’d be good for each other.