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Use the power of organic & paid LinkedIn marketing to generate quality leads for your B2B sales team

B2B digital marketing starts with LinkedIn

If you sell to other businesses, you need a strong LinkedIn strategy. With more than 90 million senior-level influencers and 63 million decision-makers, it’s unsurprising that 80% of B2B online leads are generated via LinkedIn.

Davies BDM: Perth’s premier LinkedIn advertising agency

Davies BDM is an expert LinkedIn marketing agency. We specialise in developing marketing strategy and advertising campaigns specifically for B2B organisations. We know how to connect with your target audience to build brand awareness and generate quality B2B leads.

LinkedIn Ads: the tool to power your growth

When it comes to B2B advertising, LinkedIn is a flexible, highly targeted ad platform that offers multiple ways to get your business in front of the right decision-makers in your target industries and markets. As your LinkedIn advertising agency, we’ll help you design and implement an optimised LinkedIn Ads strategy to hone in on valuable, qualified leads.

LinkedIn marketing services

We‘re a full-service B2B digital marketing agency. That means we can help you with all aspects of your LinkedIn Ad requirements – from strategy to implementation – while you concentrate on capitalising on new leads as they fill your sales pipeline (we can even help you and your sales team with this as well).

LinkedIn strategy & campaign planning – we’ll collaborate with you to set lead generation or brand engagement goals. From here, we can set up your LinkedIn ad account, plan out your budget and get started on design, copywriting, lead capture and reporting and analysis set up.

Company page optimisation – we’ll help you optimise your Linkedin company page for digital platform searches, so the right decision makers and buyers can find you quickly and easily.

Professional profile reviews – on LinkedIn, it’s not just your company page that’s under review your team members’ profiles are too. As your LinkedIn agency we can help your employees update their professional profiles to ensure they reflect your core business values and are properly optimised for search.

Content creation – we’ll create shareable content for you to post from your LinkedIn page, including ebooks, video, animation, static images and downloadable content.

Training & advice – we provide LinkedIn training to help executives, business owners and sales executives leverage the power of the #1 B2B social media platform.

LinkedIn Ads, like all social media marketing, is most effective when it’s combined with other pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimisation (SEO) activities to engage with your audience across a variety of platforms.

We can help you with this – speak with one of our experts to develop a strategy that best suits your business.

What makes our agency different? We’re built around you

We’re your digital advertising agency. Our work is always built completely around your goals and priorities for your business. Here’s our process to implement a winning B2B social media strategy:

1. Analysis – we’ll start by analysing your current strategy, and gaining a deep understanding of your business, industry and your competitors. This is the foundation for all the work that’s to come.

2. Goals – once we’ve taken a look at your business and your position in the market, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your goals. We’ll help you establish what exactly you need from your LinkedIn marketing activity, e.g is it a particular number of leads or increased level of engagement? This differs for every business, so we’ll help you define what’s right for you.

3. Planning – then we’ll develop a Linkedin action plan to get you the B2B leads and engagement you require to hit your sales goals. The plan will define budget, timeframes and KPIs.

4. Implementation – with the planning done, we’ll implement your strategy. We’ll optimise your business and individual pages where needed, create customer focused content, set up campaigns, monitor their progress and refine as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

LinkedIn Ads allow you to pay for your content to be shown to your specified target market on the LinkedIn digital platform.. Ads can be pictures, video or text ads and you can use ads to promote your content, like ebooks.

LinkedIn Ads allow you to target your audience so your ads are only shown to a specific industry within a particular location. You also can run powerful micro targeting campaigns meaning you can focus your campaigns on specific companies for account based marketing (you can even refine your ad targeting to seniority levels within an organisation). Or only show your ads to a select segment of your own database and no one else. That’s powerful stuff.

It works on a bidding system like other ad platforms, and allows you to show your ads to the audience of your choice.

You can target specific demographics, locations, companies, control cost per click and budget through the central LinkedIn Campaign Manager Access. Ads can be served in a variety of formats across the network, including:

  • Sponsored content – image and video format, these ads appear in the LinkedIn news feed and can be displayed on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.
  • Sponsored inmail – this option lets you mass-deliver private messages straight to the inboxes of your audience and can be shown on all placements.
  • Text ads – text-based, small and brief, these ads display off to the side of the site’s news feed and are available only for desktop placement.

As your LinkedIn advertising agency partner, we can help you identify the right ad format and placement for your campaign. Get in touch with one of our team, and we’ll draw up a plan together.

Once you’ve activated your ad account, you can start creating and managing your campaigns. LinkedIn ads are highly customisable, so you can add your own text, designs, destination, target audience, bid type and budget. LinkedIn Ads works in a similar way to other social media advertising such as (Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads) so if you’re already running these elsewhere, you’re one step ahead.

Like all bidding systems, the cost of LinkedIn advertising depends on your targeting and your competition.

Expect to pay anything between $0.50 and $15 per click. As your LinkedIn advertising agency, we optimise your spend to ensure you get the most value from each click.

92% of B2B marketers think so.

Linkedin typically costs more per lead than other platforms but the ability ‘get granular’ and target a segment of your market (eg senior executives, directors and managers in a chosen industry) means your budget is it a lot more focused and you’ll typically be able to eliminate wasted time and cost if it’s set up correctly. That’s the power of a good LinkedIn ad.

According to SiriusDecisions, an astounding 80% of B2B online leads have their origins in LinkedIn. And these aren’t just any leads: a recent study by HubSpot has found that web visitors who arrive from LinkedIn are almost 3 times more likely to convert (at a rate of 2.74%) when compared to visitors from Twitter (0.69%) and Facebook (0.77%).

Typically between a few weeks and up to 2 months is a rough estimate. In most cases, you will begin seeing results from your LinkedIn advertising campaign within a few weeks. But as B2B sales cycles are typically longer, it might take longer to break-even and then move towards a positive ROI.

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