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Stay connected with your database and grow revenue with email marketing

Grow and nurture your database with a tailored email marketing strategy.

Email marketing remains an effective B2B digital marketing channel in 2020 to build, nurture and engage prospects. Stats show that for every $1 spent, B2B email campaigns attract a $44 average return on investment (Campaign Monitor).

Davies BDM’s team of B2B email marketing experts in Perth can design, deliver and maintain an email marketing strategy that’s unique to your business goals – from lead generation and brand awareness to lead nurture, community building and promotional email marketing campaigns.

What is B2B Email Marketing?

B2B email marketing involves the process of building a contact database and connecting with those contacts via email.

Email marketing can be used to help customers solve a problem, educate, influence, and send relevant promotions.

When it comes to B2B digital marketing, it’s vital to stay in regular contact with your existing customers and prospects. Email newsletters and campaigns allow businesses to reach their audiences anytime with helpful information. This means you stay top of mind and gain an opportunity to trigger a purchase or sales enquiry.

Segmentation, which is the grouping of a contact database by interests, behaviour or other categories, enables businesses to send highly targeted messages to prospective customers at every stage of a buyer’s journey.

B2B Email Marketing Works

These days email marketing is far too often left behind in favour of social media and other digital tactics.

While social media is indeed great for B2B digital marketing, an email campaign is also valuable because there are no algorithms. All of your audience can see exactly what you send when you choose to send it.

Email marketing is ideal for the B2B buying process because prospective customers are highly involved.

They browse websites to research every aspect of a product or service so they can understand what’s on offer and feel confident with making a decision. Through this process they build trust with the brands that educate them, which, in turn, influences who they purchase from.

Davies BDM works with clients to design an email strategy that works to achieve their online goals.

We also manage the delivery of emails to a client’s database, provide timely online reports, and help sales teams design processes to follow up leads at the right times.

Email – A Digital Marketing Success Story

Is it time for your business to re-think its email marketing?

93% of B2B marketers use email to distribute website content. (Content Marketing Institute).

40% of B2B marketers say email newsletters are the most critical part of their content marketing success (Content Marketing Institute).

44% of B2B marketers consider emails to be their largest source of lead generation (Chief Marketer).

Recharge your email marketing today.

Getting B2B Email Marketing Right

Many companies will design an email campaign with little or no thought for audience needs. This simply does not work, and over time has given email marketing a bad rap.

86% of customers say they like receiving monthly promotional emails, and 15% say they are happy to receive them daily (Marketing Sherpa).

Effective email marketing campaigns are designed based on an understanding of customer needs.

To get results you have to send what’s useful – like buying guides, product reviews or product tips. This builds trust over time and keeps your business in front of mind all the way throughout the buying cycle (and beyond).

Our B2B Email Marketing Services

Wherever your business is at with email marketing, Davies BDM can design a strategy to build and nurture a profitable customer list. Among our services, we help clients with:

Monthly Newsletters

Monthly newsletters are a great way to keep your database engaged. Newsletters can provide people with interesting updates, trends, industry insights and links to useful website content. This is the cornerstone of most B2B email marketing plans.

Email Marketing Automation

An email marketing sequence is a series of emails sent after an action triggers them, for example when a prospect makes a product enquiry. Once this occurs, pre-populated emails are automatically delivered over a set number of days, weeks or months.

Lead Generation and Nurture Emails

Lead generation emails, also called nurture emails, are usually part of an automated sequence that follows after a prospect signs up to an email list. A free e-book or educational guide can be offered on the website in return. Once this is delivered, an email sequence starts which sends the prospect specific content that’s designed to nurture them through to a purchase.

Promotional Emails (EDMs)

A promotional email campaign or EDM (Email Direct Marketing) is a one-off targeted email to drive people towards action. A well-crafted message with a great headline and a single call-to-action works best to cut through the inbox clutter and attract more clicks.

HubSpot for Email Marketing

Davies BDM has helped clients in Perth use email marketing platforms for 20 years. Our preferred online platform is Hubspot, which has a free CRM and a range of features that are great for B2B marketing. It connects with a range of business systems and email clients, which enables automated reports and activities like sending leads to sales teams based on a prospect’s email interaction.

This means our clients can focus on sales and support and let email campaigns take care of themselves.

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