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Expert marketing advice and management for b2b businesses.

Based in Perth and servicing B2B clients Australia wide.

Get specialist strategic marketing thinking and brand strategy advice to grow revenue and achieve your business-to-business goals.

Access a c-suite level marketing consultant at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time Chief Marketing Office (CMO) by engaging one of Davies BDM’s B2B marketing consultants. A marketing expert will work with you and your team to craft a smart marketing strategy, develop marketing plans and implement marketing activities that generate leads and grow sales.

The Experienced Business Marketers

For over 25 years we’ve been the number one B2B marketing consultant in Perth.

Our B2B marketing consultants have a diversity of experience working with business to business companies spanning digital marketing, brand development, marketing and campaign strategy, service design, digital and social media planning, business development and design and implementation of action plans and campaigns that deliver results.

Unlike other marketing agencies that just ‘scratch the surface’, a Davies BDM consultant is able to get a deep understanding of your business no matter how complex. And because our marketing consultants have worked with many B2B businesses across a wide range of industries we can do this at pace.

When you have growth targets to hit and need expert marketing advice to get there, we can assist.

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Leverage our wide range of sales and marketing consulting expertise & experience

No matter your marketing challenge or business goals, our consultant team has the experience to assist you with your strategic and tactical marketing needs. While business owners and CEOs often employ Davies BDM to assist with developing brand and marketing strategies, this is just the tip of our consulting expertise.

We can help you grow through our extensive range of sales & marketing services.

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Here are just a few examples of projects a marketing consultant can assist with:

Develop brand and marketing strategy.

Explore and uncover new markets for your services.

Plan for and launch a new product in Australia.

a plan to combat a new competitor entering your market.

Revise and refine your services portfolio.

Build your digital marketing strategy and action plan.

Launch competitive research and make recommendations about your marketing position.

Assess your lead generation process, recommend changes and assist you to implement change.

A specialist B2B marketing consultant from Davies BDM can help you open up new opportunities, better compete against competitors and grow your business.


Our brand and marketing consulting process:

1. Define the problem, opportunity or job to be done We always start by gaining an understanding of our clients and their business. Then we assess the problem or opportunity ahead of you. We agree on targets, goals and outcomes and what success looks like for you.

2. Set an action plan We set a plan for uncovering opportunities and ideas and finding answers. We plan how we’ll generate insights through conversations and interviews with you and your team, your customers and suppliers and we interrogate your competitive market for opportunities you may not have uncovered yet.

3. Generate insight We uncover the insight we need to generate the solution you’re looking for through a mix of conversations and interviews, review of your website and desk research. We look into your existing marketing plans, media, website and tender responses along with any other documents that might allow us get a deeper understanding of your organisation.

4. Analyse the findings We analyse our findings and insights and then our consultants work with you collaboratively to test ideas and hypotheses in the process of formulating our recommendations.

5. Deliver marketing and growth recommendations and action plan We deliver strategy recommendations and B2B marketing action plans designed to help you hit your targets. Our consultants will work with you to plan campaigns, set budgets and establish how performance will be measured against agreed marketing metrics.

6. Implementation of recommendations We can implement the marketing recommendations for you or oversee implementation by your own marketing team in a mentor or coach role – it‘s up to you.

7. Ongoing reporting, analysis and advice Our marketing management service includes dashboards showing metrics and results of campaigns, SEO KPIs, email analytics and online advertising success. So at any one time, you’ll know exactly how your marketing is tracking.


Frequently Asked Questions

Most businesses hire a marketing consultant because they need expert marketing strategy advice, they wish to peer review their existing marketing efforts, or they don’t have the time or resources to undertake necessary marketing work. Here are a few of the most common situations in which we’ve helped businesses:

  1. There is insufficient capacity or strategic marketing expertise in house.
  2. The business is going through a time of change and doesn’t have the expertise to adapt its marketing accordingly.
  3. The business has plateaued and needs expert competitive strategy advice to propel forward.
  4. The current marketing manager is a great coordinator but the business needs strategic marketing thinking.
  5. The business has recognised new opportunities on the horizon and needs expert advice to make the most of those opportunities.

There is no one ‘thing’ a marketing consultant does. Marketing consultancies can undertake a wide range of engagements including individual marketing projects, coaching and mentoring of CEOs or regular ongoing advice as a trusted advisor.

We also facilitate team strategy sessions, undertake marketing insight projects and marketing audits, competitor analysis, website analysis, digital and social media presence and competitive intelligence.

If you are an Australian based B2B medium or small business with annual turnover between $1 million and $200 million looking to achieve aggressive growth goals over the next 12 – 24 months and you don’t have sufficient strategic marketing skills in-house, we might be a good fit.

We offer a depth of strategic marketing and digital marketing strategy capabilities designed to optimise your brand and marketing and achieve results.

It’s up to you.

Report writing eats up time; we’d prefer to use that time for insight and analysis work. If you do need a written marketing report (say to provide to your board) we can certainly provide one, and regularly do, but time and time again we find they tend to gather dust rather quickly.

A more succinct reference document is often more useful and easy to use. Most of the time now we deliver recommendations via digital PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations with action plans laid out in a 1-page logical framework that can be followed by the whole team.

Yes, no problem.

First and foremost we’re growth and revenue-oriented consultants. If your existing digital agency or marketing firm doesn’t have the strength in marketing strategy you need, we can work alongside them to help you achieve a better outcome with our B2B marketing and strategic advice.

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