Try to develop a market strategy (to win competitive advantage) in 2014 without involving use of online channels or integrating the use of digital technologies and you’ll struggle to succeed.

In today’s digital age if you’re not moving towards integrating a digital strategy that realises better value for your customers you’re almost sure to come in second at best – and be on your way to obsolescence at worst – because at least some of your competitors won’t be as complacent as you.

And if complacency is rife in your industry then it’s fertile ground for new competitors to enter the industry spruiking new and innovative business models that not only make the most of the technologies available but, more importantly, deliver better value to customers than doing it the old way.

Today companies must embrace the development of digital or online platforms if they are going to keep pace with their competitors and maintain parity with the evolution of new and more potent business models than their own. Read more ….

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