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Developing a brand-driven business is the only way to build a sustainable competitive advantage in today’s ever evolving market.

A brand driven business means that ‘brand strategy’ trumps all. The brand strategy encapsulates that the ideal, the core idea behind the business, its values and aspirations, it defines the brands greater purpose are the drivers of progress and growth.

With brand strategy at the head it simply mean that everyone in the organisation understands, believes and lives a core ideal. It’s the ‘why the business exists’ the ‘what we stands for’

Head of marketing at Procter & Gamble, Jim Stengel provides real evidence in his wonderful book Grow: how ideals power growth and profit at the world’s 50 greatest companies. In data from a 10 year growth study into 50,000 brands show that companies with ideals of improving people’s lives at the centre of all they do, outperform the market by a huge margin. Stengel suggests that nn investment in his Stengel 50, the top businesses in his 10 year growth study would have been 400% more profitable that he Standard & Poors 500 index over the same period.

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