In this fast paced technology orientated world it is no longer efficient to focus on a single online marketing channel. This not only proves ineffective but can also lead to the loss of existing customers!

Sure, you’ve got a great SEO strategy but how much time do your customers spend on Google say, compared to Facebook?

So, what exactly is online multichannel marketing and why is it essential for your business?

Online multichannel marketing is the practice by which companies engage with customers through a variety of online channels such as social networking on sites like Facebook, email marketing, SEM and many more, in order to capture a lasting impression on multiple platforms.

Effective use of multichannel marketing can target your audience across their entire online journey and create a cohesive identity for your business. This can increase exposure, social media growth, boost sales and most importantly, build a database of loyal, returning customers.

I know it sounds complicated but here are three easy steps to get started.

1. Identify which online channels your customers are using the most

How you may ask? Well, project tracking and management tools are your answer!

These powerful software applications allow you to implement campaigns across a variety of channels whilst measuring how effective these are on your target market. They provide strong analytics tools and data insights so you can keep on top of the channels that provide the most value for your business by reducing your time and effort spent on activities that aren’t performing.

The level of these project tools vary from marketing agency specialist products such as HubSpot, which provides a full suite of services to powerful players in the free business, including HootSuite and Google Analytics.

If you’d like to enlist a professional digital agency to assist you in this step check out this handy article to help you choose the right one.

2. Create a cohesive business identity across these channels

Now that you know which platforms your customers are engaging with your business, it’s time to create tailored content across these important channels in order to reach them.

For your content to be effective, it is imperative to embody what your business stands for, the message you would like to convey and keep a consistent design so customers know it’s you at a glance.

Key elements to consider in order for your multichannel marketing to be successful are logo, colour palette, typography and tone of voice. If you can keep these consistent, you’re well on your way to customers remembering your business and creating a strong lasting impression.

3 Easy Tips On How Online Multi Channel Marketing Can Grow Your Business

3. Cross promote your content

Now that you’ve got cohesive online marketing content across multiple channels it’s time to cross promote. This is particularly effective at growing your social media presence on several sites simultaneously. It can be as simple as adding links to your various social media accounts in your weekly email newsletter to customers.

Some additional ways you can achieve this cross promotion is to include social linking buttons on your website, make a Tweet linking to a recent Facebook post (or vice versa) or upload a photo on Instagram with a link to a related page on your website in the caption.  

Bonus Tip: If you’re struggling with engagement in cross promotion a handy trick to grow your following with an incentive for customers to participate is to run contests. Try posting on Facebook with an attractive giveaway in exchange for customers to like your page and follow your Instagram to enter. One lucky customer walks away with an incredible prize and your online following has grown immensely across multiple channels, a win-win!

There you have it, three easy steps to implement online multichannel marketing. Give it a go and let us know your thoughts.

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