So, you’ve got the best salesperson in the world, 2 in fact. Yes, they’re closing deals but you’re still asking yourself, “what could we do better? What can I give them to close deals faster and with less effort?”

What if your sales team could be notified the moment a lead opens your email, track every interaction automatically and organise all their activities with minimal effort.

The answer is to arm them the latest sales technology to help them save time, focus on the right leads and close deals faster.

In the past 2-3 years, there’s been a swathe of quality sales tech available in the market that integrates with CRMs to optimise salespeople’s efforts. We use Hubspot’s Sales Pro-tech but there are many alternatives including PipedriveZoho, Freshsalesand larger players such as Salesforce which all have quality products. So, for a relatively small monthly cost you can supercharge an average B2B salesperson.

How the typical Salesperson operates without Sales Technology

Prospecting can often be a difficult aspect of sales, in fact, 40% of salespeople say this is the most challenging part of the sales process, followed by closing (36%) and qualifying (22%). It often takes a staggering 18 calls on average to actually connect with a buyer.

Unaided by sales technology traditional salespeople rely on manual tasks and are typically unskilled at prioritising leads which can result in wasted or lost opportunities.

But it’s not just the hit rate and efficiency of making an appointment and closing deals that are helped by sales tools, it’s just as much about getting salespeople off non-selling tasks and back on the tools. On average, a salesperson spends 66% of their time on tasks that can be automated using the right technology. When you consider this, adopting sales tech in order to get salespeople back to their core skill and core business (which of course is ‘selling’), seems like a no brainer.

Hubspot-b2b-sales-trendsSource: HubSpot

Sales Technology in Action

We’ll use Hubspot’s ‘Sales Starter’ as an example of what can be done with Sales Technology and explain how we use it at Davies BDM.

1. Meetings Tools for booking sales appointments

Meeting tools give prospects more flexibility to schedule time with your team. Creating customised links through the HubSpot meetings tool can greatly improve your sales efficiency by allowing clients to book an appointment instantaneously at a time that mutually works.


2. Sales Email Templates that save hours

Sales templates allow you to create pre-filled emails which you can also personalise and send to contacts so you don’t have to type the same content each time. This allows you to turn your best sales emails into easily accessible templates for fast optimisation and is a great way to save time when engaging with prospects.

3. Automated Sales Email Sequences

Following up your initial interaction with a prospect is one of the most underutilised activities in the sales process. With sales technology, you can automate a series of follow up emails, track open rates and automatically create tasks depending on the prospect’s behaviour. These ‘sales sequences’ have allowed us to double our call-to-meeting ratio.

sales-video-prospecting-b2bSource: HubSpot

4. Tracked Proposals

You’re twice as likely to close a deal if you can present or talk your proposal through with your prospects. HubSpot offers the ability to track when your prospect has opened your proposal and this is incredibly useful in timing your engagement.
HubSpot’s documents tool also has the ability to build a library of helpful content for the whole sales team (and non-sales people) to access (Gmail & Outlook compatible) and analytics features to see which content closes deals.

HubSpot-b2b-documents-tool-1Source: HubSpot

5. Live Chat & Chatbots for Sales Teams

Make no mistake. Live chat IS the sales tool of 2019.

Buyer behaviour is changing, particularly in professional services. Prospects are getting a feel for companies and how they interact before engaging in a phone or face to face conversation. Buyers that are not ready to commit are reaching out and building trust via the relative safety and anonymity of live chat. HubSpot offers a free easily customisable live chat widget to suit the look and feel of your company with targeted messaging features.

Stacking your Sales Technology to Supercharge your Results

Once you’ve got the tools use them together to really give your sales efforts that almighty boost. These elements integrate to create a unified modern sales process allowing you to quickly access proposals, track open rates in real time, create one-click meetings and interact directly with prospects via live chat. Here’s to your future leads!

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